Having received a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature, Alex Ciorogar is the current director of Echinox. Born a couple of months before the Romanian Revolution, Alex Ciorogar— a Teaching Associate with the English Department (Faculty of Letters, Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania)—usually writes book reviews and articles for various magazines and literary journals.
He coedited a handful of books, while also publishing several academic papers. He additionally participated in a number of national and international conferences. “From Somaesthetics to the Stylistics of Existence: Styles of Reading, Ways of Living” in Anna Budziak, Katarzyna Lisowska, Jarosław Woźniak (eds.), Literature, Performance, and Somaesthetics: Studies in Agency and Embodiment, Cambridge Scholars Publishing (Newcastle upon Tyne, 2017), „Beyond Print and Invisibility. «Translatorship» in the Age of Digital Globalization” in Maria Sass Hrsg, Vlad Pojoga, Ștefan Baghiu (eds.), The Culture of Translation in Romania/ Übersetzungskultur und Literaturübersetzen in Rumänien, Peter Lang Publishing Group (Bern, 2018), and “The Ecology of Authorial Ascension” in French Studies Bulletin, vol. 41, no. 154 are just some of his most recent publications.
He is also the host & founder of “Lecturi în Atelier”, a literary club based in Cluj-Napoca, and the current director of Echinox magazine.