Sentient Capital

by Sebastian Big

“Hanging precipitously close to the chasm of our boundless obsolescence – we have forfeited all our waking hours to oozing out data-streams, and rivulets from all our pores. Digging on you’ll find Sebastian Big’s previous exploits, his boom & bust necrotic publishing – from mad Marxist «Treaba zine» to the unsettling recesses of global pop cult & cyberdelia in Clear Skies & Crashomon. More recently one could chart his theory flow trough incipient poetic data sets.

On the lower slope of that jagged flowchart, sentient capital aggregates any like and dislike, orphaned data point, ludicrous tracker, reshaping every targeted micro advert into ominous motherese. A colorful can of worms 24/7 lullaby that spells word by word whatever machines will not be able to unlearn or detox, with or without human content curators. One can peel these pages one by one all the way, but one cannot peel back the homely face of sentient capital.

Between these covers, B O T S east and west hold hands, born out of disruption mantras and mcmindfulness – riding a free-floating sensory-motor breeze of smaller and smaller attention spans, in-between incoming doxxing attacks. #sentientcapital maybe holds some answers to Noam Yuran’s beguiling question – what does money want? We ordered something else on the menu, and years later, we’re barely aware of getting that something else, an emergent colloquialism that tingles us like The Tingler.”

– Ștefan Tiron

Imprint: OMG Publishing House / Mega Printing Office
Published: 23/09/2019
ISBN: 978-606-94863-0-6
Length: 82 pages
Dimensions: 11 x 18 cm
Price: 35 ron
Cover photo: Matei Țigăreanu – KaufLanding (2019)

About the author

Sebastian Big was born in 1979, in the mining town of Baia Mare, Romania.

Having received a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy at the Cluj University, with mentors such as Adrian T. Sîrbu and the guys from the social-critique magazine Philosophy & Stuff (Alexandru Polgár in particular), Big went on to obtain an MA at the Strasbourg University, where he attended the courses of Jean-Luc Nancy and Philippe Lacoue-Labarthe.

He is currently a member of the speculative visual research collective Colonia-Colonia, along with Dan Beudean, Matei Țigăreanu, Cristian Tușinean, and Sasha Bandi, amongst others.

He is also Fractalia’s Renewable Energy Collection coordinator. Together with Ștefan Tiron, Big founded the bio-speculative and advanced research-group at the Aloe Vera Cultural Institute (

He is the translator of Jean Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulation in Romanian.

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