Vlad MOLDOVAN – Born – November 9, 1981 in Baia Mare. Editor at “Steaua” magazine. He published poems and articles in literary magazines like “Familia”, “Vatra”, “Apostrof”, “Poesis”, “Discobolul”, “Echinox” and others. Poems in the anthologies: La Neagra (2007), Young Literature (2007), Butttons in the Cornforrest (2008), The Long Night of Romanian Young Lyric, Rumänisches Kulturinstitut, Berlin, (2009).

Editorial debut with the volume Blank, Cartea Romaneasca Publishing House, 2009. The second volume of poems appears in 2012 – Dispars at Cartea Romaneasca Publishing House. In 2017 Glitch (Charmides) appears – the third volume of poetry. 2018 – Band1, anthology 1998-2018 (Fractalia).

In 2020, Vlad Moldovan will publish a new book with OMG. Be on the lookout for “ezoezo“!